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Am I a good candidate for a dental implant?

Dental implants are the best way to give you back your smile and most people are candidates for dental implants regardless of their age. So, chances are great that you are!. The right candidates should have the following:

Healthy teeth and gums. It is not adequate to proceed with a treatment if there are areas of untreated disease of teeth, gums or bone, as these can affect the success of your implant surgery.

Sufficient bone density to support the dental implant. Lack of bone density at the site of your missing tooth does not permanently rule out dental implants for a patient. However, it does mean that you will need to correct these problems using special treatments before proceeding with an implant placement.

A commitment to taking very good care of the implanted teeth and surrounding gums. Daily Brushing and flossing are essential together with regular visits to the dentist.