Homedental implantAm I too old for dental implants?

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Am I too old for dental implants?


We often get this question: How Old Is Too Old For Dental Implants?

While there is a common myth that dental implants are not effective for older people, the truth is that these devices work for the aged just as well as they do for younger patients. It does not make a difference if you are 19 or 99, you can safely and predictably have dental implants placed to improve your quality of life. There is no reason for anyone to suffer through their lives with missing teeth.  Along with our team of oral surgeons at Altura Periodontics, you’ll consider your long-term goals, the number of missing teeth, the condition of your remaining teeth, your lifestyle and diet before making a decision.

As each generation lives longer than the previous one, the longevity of the implant has proven to be a high yielding investment, and many people will lose their teeth over time because of decay or gum disease. They end up with partials or full dentures which can limit the foods they used to enjoy. Wearing dentures or partials may lead to jaw bone loss. That is why your dentures become loose over time. They do not have the same full foundation they once had.

Older patients may lose more bone over time, particularly if the tooth has been missing for years. Even patients with significant bone loss may still be able to take advantage of implants, though. The implants can be placed strategically to maximize available bone, or a preliminary bone augmentation graft surgery can provide supplemental bone at the dental implant site.

What Are The Benefits of Implants

  • Unlike other dental procedure, implants have no extensions and denture flanges.
  • Implants help eat food well, effectively obtaining the right nutrition.
  • Dental Implants prevent accidental dislodging due to the movement since the devices effectively support the underlying teeth.
  • By protecting your jawbone, you will not suffer bone loss. The same cannot be said for other dental options.
  • You will enjoy eating your favorite foods without restrictions. This way, your general quality of life improves substantially.

In short, dental implants can be the solution to improve your life. They can support the teeth you have to help you eat better, get better nutrition, stay more social and allow you to lead a more active and vital lifestyle.

Dental Implants support the overlaying teeth and prevent embarrassing movement and slippage that many people have with dentures and partials. Many patients who have converted their failing teeth or dentures to implants that were supported by a prosthesis have described the aftereffects as life changing.

So you can eat & live well.