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Cosmetic Procedures

Our practice can solve many problems with cosmetic procedures that use crowns or veneers, depending on your specific situation.

We offer the following options to help you enjoy a beautiful and sustainable smile.

  • Correcting a Gummy Smile – Gum sculpting can easily help teeth appear more natural and dramatically help improve a smile.
  • Root Coverage – This helps conceal unsightly roots that result from gum recession. Gum grafts restore healthy tissue and improve appearance for a more beautiful and healthy smile.
  • Irregular Levels – It’s difficult to create a truly beautiful smile without a natural gum contour. This procedure can take your smile from good to great.
  • Ride Augmentation – Tooth extraction can leave an unsightly ridge in the gum line that prevents artificial teeth from looking real. Ridge augmentation helps create a natural-looking smile by fixing this problem.
  • Treating Extraction Sites – Our surgeons use tooth extraction methods to prevent unsightly ridges for patients. This leads to a smile that you will be proud of when the tooth is replaced.