Homedental implantUnderstanding the Cutting Edge Technology in Your Periodontist’s Office

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Understanding the Cutting Edge Technology in Your Periodontist’s Office

Denver, CO – Do you suffer from gum disease and are looking for a cutting edge and virtually pain free way to treat it? The Denver periodontal experts at Altura Periodontics have your answer – the WaterLase MD Turbo laser.

WaterLase offers a minimally invasive way to treat cases of moderate to advanced gum disease. Laser assisted periodontal therapy using this new technology offers a gentler and more precise treatment that doesn’t involve cutting the gums as traditional treatment does.

In fact, WaterLase therapy has little to no pain associated with it. So how does it work?

WaterLase combines laser energy with water to cut the soft tissue and bone without using any heat. It effectively cleans and removes the debris and bacteria between the teeth and in the pockets in the gums that causes bleeding gums and gum recession. Studies show that WaterLase can even stimulate the regrowth of gum tissue.

The final step of the treatment involves a final cleaning and sterilization of the area with the laser, and then the laser seals the area with a blood clot. This will stop the bacteria from re-growing, and promote a healthy environment in which the gum and bone can regenerate.

Periodontists love WaterLase becomes it offers the most accurate treatment, and it can pinpoint and clean the diseased tissue without damaging the healthy tissue that surrounds it.

Patients love WaterLase for many reasons. Because it’s minimally invasive, there is little to no pain involved. It requires no anesthetic, so you won’t have to deal with the sensation of a numb mouth. There’s no drilling, so there is no pain, pressure or heat that patients often associate with a drill.

WaterLase takes about half as many visits as traditional surgical periodontic treatment does, so you can have a healthier mouth in just a couple of quick visits.

Because WaterLase is so precise, and the laser works to sterilize and seal the tissue, you’ll have little to no discomfort after the procedure. You’ll also have no sensitivity, swelling or bleeding after you leave the office. Patients typically experience a full recover in just 24 hours. Traditional periodontal surgery can take several weeks to properly recovery from.

If you’re interested in learning more about this cutting edge technology, schedule a consultation with Altura Periodontics today. In no time, you can painlessly take back your gum health.

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